Sacramento Midwifery Services

Deborah (Fawn) Studebaker LM, CPM | Specialty Care for Moms, Babies and Families for over 40 years

“Having control, choosing where, how, and with whom you give birth not only empowers you, but it increases your self-esteem and transforms you, which then transforms our planet to a more gentle peaceful place.”

Every Birth is Unique And Sacred

When women are given a calm, peaceful space and encouragement to trust their bodies, they emerge from the process more self-assured and empowered. These women have a better bonding experience with their babies, making parenting flow more naturally for them. Having a homebirth is a safe alternative and wonderful way to ensure there is less intervention in a perfect environment. My goal is to provide empowering, supportive and safe Midwifery care to you and your family. I believe that through this process you and your family will be transformed in a way that will heal our earth, one birth at a time.

Midwives are experts in low risk natural birth. We are trained to guard your space, keep you and your baby safe while allowing the process to happen the way it should. Women have been having homebirths and waterbirth for thousands of years. Women from all over the world have shared their stories of birth with each other. Grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and friends have supported and educated each other through the childbirth process. Over the years the stories have gone from positive and empowering to scary and very negative. More often than not, one hears birth stories full of sadness and disappointment. Women are frequently managed and over-medicated by people whom they barely know, who think they know what is best for them. They are forced to give birth in ways they never imagined.

Mama To Be Services Include...

Prenatal Care



Postpartum Care and Support

Breastfeeding Education and Support

Well Woman Care / Annual Exams

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Childbirth and Newborn Education

Pregnancy Massage

Placenta Encapsulation

Nutrition Counseling